FreeFlight Systems Selects Radar Altimeter Antenna from Sensor Systems For eVTOL Platform

Chatsworth, CA – Sensor Systems Inc (a HEICO Company, NYSE: HEI, HEI.A) announced today that it has been chosen by FreeFlight Systems, a NextGen aviation leader specializing in full spectrum safety and navigation solutions, to provide its S67-2002 radar altimeter antenna for a new eVTOL aircraft project.

The S67-2002 radar altimeter antenna is a proven and reliable product that has been in service since 1980. It is currently installed on various airframes, ranging from air transport, regional aircraft, and business jets.

Anish Patel, President of Sensor Systems, stated, “Sensor Systems is a key provider of radar altimeter antennas for both commercial and military aircraft. We eagerly anticipate expanding our role as a leading antenna provider for eVTOL aircraft and collaborating with FreeFlight on this exciting project.”

This partnership with FreeFlight Systems brings Sensor Systems’ S67-2002 onto eVTOL aircraft, an emerging aviation market. The time-tested S67-2002 was the right solution for this developing eVTOL platform, offering reliable communication for FreeFlight’s Terrain Series radar altimeter being installed on the craft.

“We look forward to providing a robust radar altimetry solution to this eVTOL platform using Sensor Systems S67-2002 antenna,” mentions Anthony Rios, President of FreeFlight Systems. “As FreeFlight Systems continues to develop solutions for emerging technologies, we appreciate being able to work with prominent solutions providers such as Sensor Systems.”

The eVTOL industry is expected to experience significant growth in the next ten years as more people and businesses seek urban air mobility, emergency services, and cargo delivery solutions.  Sensor Systems is honored to be an early partner in the evolution of aerospace travel through urban air and advanced air mobility. It supports all organizations that are committed to creating lasting change that will bring families closer to their loved ones, make work commutes more productive, and enable faster recreational travel.

About Sensor Systems Inc.

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