• GPS/WAAS L1 Antenna

    The S67-1575-146 GPS/WAAS L1 Antenna meets HIRF/EMI and TSO C190 requirements for all critical MMR installations.


    model number: S67-1575-146 GPS/WAAS L1
  • GPS/GLONASS Antenna

    The S67-1575-338 GPS/GLONASS Antenna features state-of-the-art amplifier to provide high GPS/GLONASS signal levels for fast satellite acquisition.

    product details
    model number: S67-1575-338 GPS/GLONASS
  • Multi-Band WLAN Antenna

    WLAN antennas for high speed data transfer with world-wide interoperability.

    product details
    model number: S65-5366-720
  • Military Digital VHF/UHF Antenna

    High-Gain VHF/UHF Smart Antennas Increase Air-To-Ground Communications Capabilities for Close Air Support for the Military.

    product details

    model number: S65-8282-831

  • New TSO C159a Iridium Antenna

    For the Future Air Navigation System (FANS)

    product details
    model number: S67-1575-365
  • ADS-B Antennas for the Next Generation Air Transportation System

    Sensor Systems Inc. new L-Band antenna designed within ADS-B and UAT performance specifications.

    product details
    model number: S65-5366-895L
Welcome to Sensor Systems Inc!

Sensor Systems - A leading global supplier of antennas since 1961


Sensor Systems, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of mission-specific communication and navigation antennas for military aircraft.

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Sensor Systems, Inc. provides a wide range of antennas for every commercial platform.

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Sensor Systems, Inc. has developed custom design combinations to reduce the amount of antennas required on aircraft.

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Quality & Affordability

Sensor Systems has a long history of excellence in manufacturing antennas for Commercial, Military, and Business aircraft applications.  With our unparalleled industry knowledge, technical support and prototyping capabilities, Sensor Systems is the first choice for competitively priced antenna solutions

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Articles & Tips


Lightning: A Design Consideration for the New VLJ Composite Aircraft


   By Si Robin VP/CEO of Sensor Systems, Inc.     The era of the VLJ (Very Light Jet) is upon us and many have been purchased for corporate and private pilot flying. These aircraft, having jet capabilities and safety with with prices approaching those of high-end, propellar-driven aircraft, are hanging the shape of transportation, […]

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